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23/04/17 - CORIANDER

Word has it that blogging is quite the thing. As I understand it, the basic contents of a blog are small, relatable, off kilter observations of every day life. If your blogs are suitably distracting, your “followers” (all sounds rather Jonestown to me, but there you are) will regularly return to see what you’ve been up to. Once you have successfully drawn them to your site with promises of domestic witticisms, you can then gradually push upon them the advantages of buying your products or subscribing to and sharing more of your self serving online diatribes. Now, I’m aware that this may sound cynical, and some people may be shocked that a musician should ever wish to earn a living, but I’m afraid it’s true. If I could heat my coriander pesto penne by the power of creative imagination I’d be in good shape. But I can’t. Nor can I charge my triple speed milk frother with the vibrant energy of artistic experimentation. So you see, my friends, the struggle is real.

24/04/17 - SKIRTS

Today kicked off rehearsals for Lightning Under Their Skirts with an afternoon of 1960s touch typing. 

Lesson one

Left hand, starting with little finger and working through to index: A S D F

Right hand, little finger to index: ; L K J 

Run the two together: A S D F ; L K J

Repeat, as fast as you can, for an hour straight. 

Congratulations. You are now fractionally closer to competent touch typing, and well on the way to repetitive strain injury.

26/04/17 - LUNCH

In a bid to be a little less 2004 with my online output, I've decided to take a look around and see what makes for popular subject matter when it comes to blogging. Food, it seems, is something people love slinging all in your electronic grill. So, here's my lunch for today: 

Note the bag: it's made of plastic which is ideal because it's waterproof, cheaper than wicker, and lasts forever if you fill it with leaking battieries and throw it in the sea. Also, the eagle eyed of you may have noticed that it is served on the seat of a MerseyRail Train which shows I use public transport. Just like Keanu Reeves.


Hear yee, hear yee...I proudly draw your attention to...

Concrete Playground, a new Theatre Company based deep in the muscular hive of Manchester. Headed by the double barrels of writer and actor Stuart Crowther and director Kayleigh Hawkins, Concrete Playground have a number of irons in the fire:

HOME-FIRES is a new play in development. Written by Stuart, it's set in 1914, as Britain marches into "the war to end all wars". Exploring new ideas about gender, sexuality, and women's roles in a rapidly changing world, Home-Fires was read as part of the Manchester International Women's Day Festival.

SOUR CHERRIES is inspired by Chekhov’s seminal 'The Cherry Orchard'. Set against the backdrop of a crumbling family cafe, Sour Cherries is a timely exploration of home, class, disinheritance and gentrification.

After a week's script development at Unity Theatre's Playpace in 2016, Sour Cherries recently got it's first public read as part of the celebrations for Sgt Pepper's 50th birthday. The reading was part of Unity Theatre's 'Good Morning Good Morning' and was housed at the lovely LIPA.

Obligatory team photo:

back, left to right: Gordon Meredith, Yours Truly, 

Anna Buckland, Fia Harrington

front, left to right: Kate Sharp, Stuart Crowther, Kayleigh Hawkins

Make first contact: 

Concrete Playground:


Instagram: concrete_playground_theatre



Sour Cherries

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